Caine was a hardcore gangster that appeared in Driver 2 and died in Driv3r. In Driver 2, it all started when Tanner went to his apartment in Chicago and found that someone had broken in. He searched around then he was knocked out by Jericho.

He escaped out the window and down the stairwell. Tanner had gone after him. He chased him to a warehouse where Solomon Caine and his henchmen were waiting. Tanner got out of his car and met with Caine who ordered him to explain all he knows about Lenny before killing Tanner. Refusing to comply, Caine ordered Jericho to kill Tanner. Jericho had his sawn off shotgun to Tanner's back. When they had reached the door, Tanner punched him in the face and closed the door behind him. After which Tanner had to escape from the warehouse. Tanner had caught Jericho after he had killed two Brazilian men. Tanner had found out that Caine was going to Vegas to mess with Vazquez.Tanner told Caine that Vasquez is nothing without Lenny and they would bring Jericho back in exchange for working together. Caine asked why Lenny is important and Jones explained that Lenny stole $100,000 from them and are looking to arrest him. Caine told them that if they cross him that he would find and kill them. Caine said he needed Jones to track Lenny and Tanner to drive for him. At the end of Driver 2 Solomon shook Vasguez's hand at the statue of Jesus in Rio De Janeiro.

Later in Driv3r, Caine was killed by Jericho. As Caine stood in an Elevator Jericho took out his gun and aimed it at Caine's head. As the Elevator descended from the 3rd to the 1st floor the gunshot could be heard. Jericho walked out of the elevator while Caine lay dead after being shot in the head.

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